Katharina Nicola Giegling

Hommage an Bach

Solo Violin Sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach and Eugène Ysayë
Instrumentation: Violin Solo

Music Is The Language of Passion (Richard Wagner)

Sonatas by Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms and Karol Szymanowski
Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

Music And Poetry

Sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven, showcasing classical lyricism
Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

Seelengesang (Song of the Soul)

Bach Facets: Sonata for Violin Solo, Aria for Mezzo-soprano and Obbligato Instrument, Trio Sonata from the Musical Offering
Instrumentation: Violin, Mezzo-soprano, Flute, Violoncello, Harpsichord

Lebenszeiten (Lifetimes)

The Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and Astor Piazzolla
Instrumentation: Solo Violin, Sting Quartet, Harpsichord (alternative: Solo Violin, Chamber Orchestra)


From Vivaldi to Duke Ellington, Beethoven to Michael Jackson
Arrangements by Robert Giegling
Instrumentation: Violin, Viola (Viola da Gamba), Violoncello, Double Bass, Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Drums/Percussion


Look forward to evoking contrasts, when classical beauty and simplicity meet contemporary superlatives, grotesque stories are set to music and Hungarian folk songs are stirring/moving your emotions/are touching your emotions (oder auch ‘heart’).
Works for Violin, Clarinet and Piano by Jan Vanhal , Sebastian Currier (*1959), Igor Strawinsky, Darius Milhaud, Béla Bartók
Works for Violin, Clarinet, Piano

Finding New Ways

Together we will experience lyrical and romantic, but also experimental moments. We are especially pleased about the commissioned work by Sven Daigger!
Works for Violin, Clarinet and Piano by Aram Chatschaturjan, Award Winner of the German Music Competition 2015 (Deutscher Musikwettbewerb), Sebastian Currier, Charles Ives, Sven Daigger, Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky
Works for Violin, Clarinet, Piano

Programme amendments are possible if requested by the organizer.