About me

I cried and cried.
How would I regain my strength?
How would I find my way back to my “normal self”?

This is how I used to experience these valleys.
When everything became too much.

When the demands on myself, the perceived expectations of others, the pressure to perform were unbearably high at the time during my studies - when I once again didn't allow myself a break because I wanted to achieve, because I wanted to play the violin brilliantly, because I wanted to do this or that The big concert was just around the corner - then at some point I collapsed and I lay flat - weak and unable to act.

Those were the days when I had a lot planned - and didn't get anything done. I had forgotten that my body needs to recharge!

Taking and receiving is part of giving and doing!

Back then, I never thought that this “yoga” would save me .

Today, at 36 years old and having studied music for 9 years, I can say that I am definitely challenged in my life as a freelance violinist, yoga inspiration and mother of 3 wonderful children - but I know so much more about the "tools" that... help me to relax and be in my strength at the right time.

I've always done a lot of sport - when I experienced my first yoga class in 2009, I was immediately hooked!
How brilliant is that: movement, strength, stretching, breathing, focus and body awareness all in one - completely in harmony with my needs without running the risk of injuring myself - but rather being able to immerse myself in all rehearsals and concerts full of energy!

I felt the need to go deeper - after 9 years of studying and a time in which every semester break was filled with music and master classes and in which I played a number of concerts, I felt the need to start something for myself that was independent of me Art and music gives strength:

In 2014, I treated myself to yoga teacher training at the end of my master class exam.

I have never regretted it!
I will never forget how powerful and light I felt and how good it felt to start the day in silence and with a deep practice, as we had done on many intense weekends.
Since then, yoga has been and continues to be a daily part of my life!

Yoga helps me breathe better.

Yoga helps me to be more focused and at the same time much more relaxed.

Yoga helps me to be more present and energetic on stage.

Yoga for musicians

The artist's profession as we practice it requires absolute critical ability, self-reflection and self-questioning from us. Without this willingness to strive for perfection and the utmost effort in music, none of us would probably be where we are right now on the career ladder.


That's exactly why I think it's just as important to practice and live contentment and enoughness.

On the yoga mat we not only practice positions that make us flexible, strong, permeable and relaxed, but we also practice how to align our mind - our inner voice, and even the communication with ourselves in a friendly and determined manner.

Throughout my years as a violinist and founder of Yoga for Musicians, I've been asked time and time again: How do you do it? Which positions (asanas) do you practice to have less shoulder pain, breathe better, be less stressed?
How do you deal with stage fright? How do you deal with insomnia after concerts? How do you stay fit and healthy while on tour?

So at the end of 2017 I decided to write a book that was published in 2019.

In addition to being a musician - and of course being a mother - I work weekly with musicians online 1:1 and in wonderful group sessions and am incredibly happy to inspire, awaken strength and release tensions, whether mental or physical.

It makes me happy that I have been able to help countless musicians - whether soloists or music students!