Exclusive yoga videos especially for musicians

»I always feel so bad after concerts. I'm awake for so long, excited and full of excitement and adrenaline - watching TV alone doesn't help me fall asleep.«, Violoncello

»I wake up every night and am worried. My thoughts are circling. Then I can no longer fall asleep and am therefore exhausted the next day.«, conductor

»My bow often shakes in concert. Especially in quiet and open passages. I wish I could do something about my nervousness!”, violin

»I can't practice at the moment because I have constant pain in my shoulder.«, Viola

»I'm really burnt out - too many rehearsals and concerts! I'm always under tension and my friends say I look bad.«, Clarinet

»After this highly concentrated phase of CD production, my body is still full of adrenaline, excitement and tension. I wish I had a way to release this tension in my body.", trumpet

Excerpts from my book “Yoga for Musicians - Original Comments.

It's no secret: Your body is your temple.

In exchange with countless musicians, soloists and orchestra musicians, it becomes clear: We have to take care of ourselves!

It is our responsibility to care for the body and the mind!

The music profession in particular, which involves mental and physical stress, requires conscious balance.

  • We need strength.
  • We need perseverance.
  • We need concentration.
  • And all of this is reliable and accessible.

Dear musicians!

In exchange with so many musicians over the last 5 years, I have truly experienced how much fear and pain, doubt and challenge the life of a musician can bring. Musicians keep coming to me who are tired, exhausted and who no longer really see or experience joy in their job. The pressure from ourselves and from outside, the immense desire for perfection, the competition in the music business challenges us if we don't counteract it and are careful.

You are probably sometimes plagued by back pain and tension and a feeling of stiffness and would like a simple tool to be permanently healthy, energetic and happy?

I would be happy to support you in being more balanced and integrating an activity into your life in order to shape and influence your life as a musician!

What is so special about my course?

As a performing professional musician, I know the effort in our profession - alongside all the greatness and joy! Countless experiences pepper my book of experiences:

I know what it's like to travel, then immediately be on stage, play tours, and stay as healthy as possible - what it's like to rehearse for a long time and play intensive concerts!

I know what it's like when the mood among your colleagues suddenly becomes icy and the pressure increases before the concert.

As a mother of three children, I know how important it is to be present. Being present in your private life - and being present in the rehearsal room minutes later.

As a violinist, I know how important it is to take care of yourself, your body and balance!

If we don't take care of ourselves, we get sick/unhappy/tired.

Become relaxed and powerful, find endurance and balance with just 20 minutes a day.

Feel comfortable with yourself again by shedding old patterns and arriving at yourself!



My online course will help you start or maintain a yoga routine in an effective, time-saving and yet very in-depth way !

I created a perfect package for you in 7 videos:

Today you will receive 7 concise videos specifically for the needs of musicians.

Matched to my book “YOGA FOR MUSICIANS - CLARITY IN BODY AND MIND - Pain-free and successful as a musician”, which you get as an e-book with over 200 pages , I have put together different sequences for different energy states and needs:

  • Warm-up and activation to strengthen the muscles, prevent possible injuries caused by a cold start on the instrument and increase awareness of the body
  • Balancing, decelerating and stretching after a rehearsal or concert
  • Yoga right before the concert in concert clothes
  • Grounding and centering on concert tours
  • Calming yoga to sleep relaxed and regeneratively

Take 10-25 minutes a day with these videos!

The great thing is that you can download the videos and actually relax on the train, in the catacombs of a concert hall, in a room or in a hotel room!

Flow 1: makes it easier to start the day and can of course be integrated into any other time of the day - whenever you want to center your attention, mobilize and strengthen your back and shoulders and 'wake up' your body.

Flow 2: activated: twists, gentle backbends, strengthening your core - sun salutations accompany you throughout the day.

Flow 3: can be practiced anywhere and without a mat and focuses on warming up and mobilizing the back, neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists. Alternate breathing centers and focuses.

Flow 4: exclusively includes standing asanas and is especially intended for short mobilization before the concert - in concert clothing and without a mat. Done slowly and calmly, this flow promotes the connection between breath and movement as well as stability and steadfastness.

Flow 5: Regeneration after rehearsal and concert - After rehearsal and concert, this flow focuses on opening individual tense parts of the body and getting rid of unnecessary tension in order to promote regeneration in the best possible way.

Flow 6: A bus or train journey can lead to tension and blockages: getting on the bus or train immediately after the concert can result in adrenaline and tension still circulating in the body.

These small, inconspicuous exercises can help you become and stay relaxed, flexible and pain-free while traveling.

Flow 7: counteracts the stress of traveling: mobilizing, stretching and energizing exercises as well as asanas that promote balance in space - and support arriving in the body and in the moment.

All flows are downloadable so you can practice them anywhere.

You get the pure audio version of all flows.

BONUS: a meditation (audio version) including breathing exercises that calms and relaxes you in stressful situations when you have anxiety/panic/stage fright.

Another bonus: My complete book “YOGA FOR MUSICIANS - CLARITY IN BODY AND MIND - Pain-free and successful as a musician”, which you get as an e-book with over 200 pages.



Do you know that?

Life demands you, you feel stressed and somehow they all want something from you? And on top of all that, it is you who demands so much from yourself. In a prominent position in the orchestra, in the solo, on stage, as a soloist, is the pressure increasingly stressful for you? Maintaining your level, meeting expectations and the great fear of no longer being able to maintain your level as the years go by and as you get older? In addition to this mental stress, do you travel a lot and change your repertoire and location more often than you change your bed linen?

It's up to us to take responsibility!

  • YOU can give yourself the gift of time and ensure that you are balanced.
  • YOU can do your part to be physically powerful and permeable.
  • YOU are the person who can give you relaxation and reduce stress - through healthy routines that you integrate into your everyday life.
  • YOU are the person who can bring yourself to your full potential.
  • YOU can allow yourself to make music (again) with joy and to be a musician with love!
  • YOU are the creator of your life!


With love, your Katharina


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