Yoga for musicians

Anyone who bases their existence and work on their body must invest in their body! Katharina raises the awareness of our young musicians at the Bavarian Radio Academy about the importance of the body as their actual basic instrument. Recognizing and caring for the body as the most important foundation - even during training - is essential for everyone, but especially for musicians.”

“Yoga for musicians with Katharina feels like a long flow - which is so incredibly grounding to me. It's not about arriving in the position - in yoga I can let go - get into action - which in turn helps me when practicing with the violin. I now incorporate Katharina's sentences when practicing - or breathing techniques.

I come into an acceptance - that doesn't mean you lose your perfectionism. But that you always make peace with what is going on right now. I am more powerful , sleep more deeply and feel that my mind has calmed down better .” Violinist in a German radio orchestra

“It's so great to experience how your energy resonates with a musician . I feel very supported as a musician! Your calm and balanced nature creates so much space for being and perceiving during the yoga class. Katharina knows how to respond perfectly to the challenges I face as a singer and artist and balances between relaxation and activation in the exercises - that's exactly what I need to go on stage today and that's exactly how I want to feel in my everyday life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”, soprano/opera singer

"Yoga doesn't take time. Yoga gives time!"

The artist's profession as we practice it requires absolute critical skills and self-reflection from us. Without this willingness to achieve perfection and the effort to make music at the highest level, none of us would probably be where we are right now on the career ladder.

Personally, I love to grow beyond myself - I experience under-challenge as stressful and a stretch towards growth as inspiring!

I am convinced that we can only really grow effectively in life if we do this not on the basis of being inadequate, but rather with general self-satisfaction.

In addition to all the desire for perfection in the music business, we should also practice satisfaction.

Mental coaching for the body: You can train beautifully on the yoga mat - in moving mindset work - how we talk to ourselves. Continuing to breathe in challenging yoga positions and directing the mind in some way can help us immensely on stage!

Yoga brings you to yourself!

On the yoga mat we not only practice positions that make us flexible, strong, permeable and relaxed, but we also practice how to align our mind - our inner voice, and even the communication with ourselves in a friendly and determined manner. We also sharpen body awareness and physical-mental intuition.

Throughout my years as a violinist and founder of Yoga for Musicians, I've been asked time and time again: How do you do it? What positions do you practice? How can you stay relaxed? How do you deal with insomnia after concerts? How do you stay fit and healthy while on tour?

So at the end of 2017 I decided to write a book that was published in 2019.

In my book “ Yoga for Musicians - Clarity in Body and Mind - Pain-Free and Successful as a Musician” I deal with the possibilities - perhaps even mandatory - for us musicians to care for the body and offer flows that can be used in different ways Situations that can be used: warming up before playing, arriving at the hotel, concentrating in concert clothes, releasing adrenaline after the concert.

Since 2019, I have been in intensive exchange with musicians and have been giving yoga sessions both online and offline for renowned (solo) musicians from numerous leading orchestras throughout Europe.

I am very happy to be able to support so many musicians worldwide with hundreds of online and offline yoga classes to give themselves more ease, joy and success!

"Everyone can practice yoga as long as they breathe!"